Baguio: BenCab Museum

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First of all, I just want to share to you the view from our hotel room. Priceless.
Just incase you guys are curious: We stayed in Chalet Baguio Hotel, situated along Upper Military Cutoff Road, with an an easy-access to the city's attractions so it was very easy for us to roam around. Plus the hotel was located in a really quiet surrounding--it was perfect. I also love that Dulcinea (a spanish restaurant) are partners with them because their Churros are my all-time favorite haha :p

Anyway, for our second day we went to a lot of places and our first destination is the BenCab musuem. (Yep, I just had to make a separate post for this.)

A museum of artworks by Ben Cabrera, who is hailed as a master of contemporary Philippine art.  

Oh, daddy..

Sabel, Ben Cab's muse

Had lunch at Cafe Sabel

The BenCab Museum is definitely a must-see when you're in Baguio. What makes this musuem really special is that it's not only a place filled with artworks, but it also gives this connection to the guests that will make you closer and appreciate more the things that you could see inside. In short, it has a taste of home.