Baguio: Tree Top Adventure

2:54 AM Arianne Amante 3 Comments

Before we left Baguio, me and my sisters did some Tree Top Adventure! So much fun, I swear. 7 stations of canopy, a little bit of hiking, superman, etc. Talk about adrenaline rush!

I totally love how we spent our last day. I've been to Baguio plenty of times already, my last visit was 4 years ago when my uncle got married, but it was only on this trip that I got to see the different side of Baguio. What I learned about this trip is that when you're traveling, spend more time going to the places that are less popular, they have hidden treasures that only a few people are lucky to know, and it's nice to be one of them. It's like you've already explored what the world has yet to discover, and it's somehow feels like an achievement. :)


  1. wow that looks like a fantastic experience! I'd love to do something similar :) thank you very much for the comment on my blog :DD

    Rebecca x

  2. YES! me and my 2 friends also experienced the tree top adventures. sobrang saya talaga!

  3. hi gaano katagal ang pwede ispend dito? Pwede na ba ang 2 hrs?

    annemir- Tarlac