Faith & Kevin

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My best-cousin, Faith, got married last Saturday. 

The past few months have been serving as a constant reminder to me that time really passes by so quickly. I would get a lot of "Shit, is this really happening already?" moments here and there. It's crazy, and exciting, all at the same time. I guess that's what happens when I tend to think about the future a lot. I mean, just the uncertainty that comes with it could give you random anxiety attacks, right? But as I was walking down the aisle last Saturday, it hit me: this could be it. This could be the future already. And it's not so scary at all. It's wonderful, actually. 

Maybe not my future, and definitely not my wedding, but funny how it feels like mine, too.

I grew up with Faith, and I could say that I've seen her transform to the lovely lady that she is now. From her geeky glasses, plaid shirts, whiter sneakers to contact lenses, oxfords, and all that. We sort of had our own world in the family. We would always make sure to find time to sneak somewhere and just chat about what we've been up to lately, our experiences, our struggles, everything. She helped me find my place in this big, big world. I will always be thankful to her for that.

And even though I know it's not going to be the same anymore (since she's going to be busy being a hip wife and mom all at the same time), she will always be the big sister I never had. I was really expecting to cry a bucket and look like crap in my beige bridesmaid dress, but I guess I was just too happy to even shed a tear. 

BTW: It's actually the YEAR OF FAITH!

The ceremony was only attended by closest family and friends. Simple and really intimate.

That's me fixing the cord hehe

Happy family!

Meet Pierre Leon, aka Perry. Faith and Kevin's first lucky charm. Funny that his built is for a 6-month old when in fact he's only 3 months old! This cute little innocent baby boy will soon be a heartbreaker, so watch out! CHOS. But really, he's the CUTEST. And I miss him already and I think he and his mom should visit me soon. Also, I'm supposed to be his godmother but then the Catholic church says that someone should be atleast 16 y/o to be a godparent. I'm 15.

Right after the wedding ceremony, we went straight to our Mama's house for the reception. Weather was lovely, food was really good, and everyone looked nice in beige, brown, and dirty white. Perfect day, indeed. Fun fact: there were no wedding planner, caterer, etc behind all of these. The couple themselves prepared for everything, with a great, loving help from family and friends! 

Baked by the bride herself!

Play time for the little kiddos!

My niece Brielle! You see, it really runs in the blood..

Congrats Faith and Kevin, here's to life-long lovin' and trollin'! Always have faith (sige na nga, pati Kevin) in each other LOL <3