Wanderland 2013

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Before I start telling you stuff about this hippie camp that I attended last last week, let me just do a quick sharing on what I've been up to lately: I am now on my final week of review class, and I just realized how busy I've been for the past few weeks, hence the lack of updates once again. In a span of, approximately 30 days, I've managed to build a daily routine wherein I get to nourish my independence and in a way, experience being a "grown up". I'm actually getting a bit sad whenever it crosses my mind that I have to break this routine soon. Also, I keep telling myself to do an entry about it, but I always end up not doing anything at all (though I really want to work on it!). It's true, blogging still makes me feel so lazy after all this time. 

But hey, let's cut it to the original subject of this blogpost before I get way too sentimental and weep (chos drama) - Wanderland!

I first heard about this music and arts festival over a month ago, but I admit that I was having second thoughts on its production, lineup, and... yeah. I only purchased tickets few days before the event when I finally thought about its potential. I mean, I knew I would give in. Why not give it a chance, anyway? Seeing live acts, going to concerts, attending gigs, etc. are some of the things I find very rewarding and gratifying, and I  guess I can never really deny that. 
I got my tickets off from a groupon and only payed almost half of the original price!
The gates were said to be open at 11am, but we really intended to go late in the aternoon to avoid the very annoying heat. Contrary to that, it actually rained a little earlier that day, but when we arrived at 4pm, the drizzling has already stopped. Don't you just love it when the weather is also very cooperative? We didn't go in immediately though, since we waited for Joshua, the person who scored my extra ticket. He's very lucky that I'm his bestie haha! On another note, I was very happy to catch Yolanda Moon! They were already on their last song when we entered but at least I can finally say that I've caught them live......and not just on youtube hehe.

A toss of shy-purple sky with a touch of gold, a vibrant green field and a minimalistic arc with heavy technicals welcomed us. I made a research about the venue and found out that it was on old horse racing park. Now it's called as the Globe Circuit Events Ground in Circuit, Makati. This picture seems to show how crowded it was, but trust me when I say that it wasn't as packed as it may look like, which is pretty much a good thing. The event, as a whole, was very well organized. It's actually impressive!

Here I am with my vurrrpretty cousins Ana and Rissa :)

It's funny and fascinating to see most attendees look the same in their own different ways. Pati yung banig ni Daddy hipster-approved! And bet ko din yung backpack ni kuya camouflage.

Such pretty ladies!

At first, an old horse racing park sounded very huge to me. The type of huge where it would be such a chore to go around, but it actually turned out to be far from what I had been expecting. Or maybe that's just my illusion but really, it was very easy to bounce from both ends and I actually enjoyed walking around than just staying at one spot while waiting for the next band. The picture below shows my favorite part of the field which is located in the backmost part of the Gold area wherein you can also sight some of the VIPs. I think I've already mentioned on this blog how much I adore transformations of a garden/backyard into a lovely picnic setup.

We got a little hungry so we lined up for some shawarma goodness! Most people must have a common eating time so lines get pretty long. It's either you eat earlier or later than the usual to avoid that.

I'm always craving for Jamba Juice - Idk why but I'm happy they had a stall there!

The sunset was so stunning, it made waiting (for food) more bearable.

They all got a Beef shawarma rice while I went with Lamb.

The next 2 photos were taken from my iPhone and edited through AfterLight.

My cousin Mikey is truly a talented artist. He likes to just sit around and draw the things around him. One girl even approached him if she could share his work on the internet! Pogi points!

I think the most fun set goes to Neon Trees. I totally loved the 80's vibe and the energy of the crowd during their performance!

My cousins had to leave early so it was only me and Joshua left. Good thing we bumped into some of our friends from school so we decided to just go with them. Thanks for such a good company, you guys!

I wasn't much familiar with the previous bands, but I do have The Temper Trap on my iPod for quite some time now. I'm guilty to have been waiting to hear Sweet Disposition live but ended up missing out on it. It's a long story! But let's just move on and talk about the vocalist instead. First, he could totally pass as a Filipino. I think he's Indonesian. And second, his voice can be compared to a lullaby that even their upbeat songs make me want to fall into a deep slumber.

All in all, it didn't disappoint. I think that's all I can say. I heard it's going to be an annual thing, so we'll see if I go again next year! If ever, I hope to bring more friends because you know........the more the merrier. Maybe I should tell them as early as now to avoid last minute conflicts hehe. Oh and also, my fingers are crossed for the next lineup! Plsssssssssssss.

And of course here's an obligatory self portrait (really trying to avoid to use the word "selfie"). Thanks to Jash for taking this pic!

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